Screen Presence – Jurassic World (2015)

RIP Irrfan Khan

Some actors can command a scene with their mere presence. With even the most minor roles they can leave a lasting impression. In Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World the character Masrani played by actor Irrfan Khan did just that.

Irrfan Khan is more well known for his work in Indian movies. He’s been involved with greats like Maqbool, Haider, The Lunchbox. His name on a movie carried weight. It was a signal for the audience that they were going to see quality. His work and popularity grew outside India as he started to appear in Hollywood movies like The Amazing Spider-Man, Life of Pi, and Jurassic World – today’s featured still.

Irrfan Khan Jurassic World
You can see it [happiness] in their eyes

The character Masrani was written to revive Jurassic Park – the theme park adventure that John Hammond originally envisioned. In the introduction scene between him and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) the audiences learns he cares more about guest and animal happiness than about corporate profits. She doesn’t know how to gauge the happiness and he lets her know you can tell by their eyes. This is a solid act one scene serving to introduce characters, motivations, and the basics for why the theme park exists. Irrfan Khan had a few moments to grip the audience into the world and he pulls it off with his expressions, motions, and the help of a camera close-up.

Irrfan Khan sadly passed away on at the age of 53 on April 28th 2020. He had been diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer in 2018.


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