Stills from Stories – Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Storytelling is a tool that can explore the realms outside of human reality. It can explore the vast outer space, be filled with magic and elves, and drill down to Earth’s core. Continue reading “Stills from Stories – Edge of Tomorrow (2014)”

How Fincher Framed a Subplot – Gone Girl (2014)

Third rule of Stills from Stories is that there may be spoilers!

Whoops wrong Fincher movie, but that statement is still valid. You’ve been warned.

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Bad Cop, Worse Cop – A Hard Day Review

While driving to his mother’s funeral Gun-soo (Lee Sun-kyun) hits and kills somebody walking the night road. His knee-jerk reaction to this pickle is to hide the body in his trunk and continue towards resting his mother. Continue reading “Bad Cop, Worse Cop – A Hard Day Review”