Stills from Stories – Hair Love (2019)

Hair Love is an animated short film about a father attempting to make his daughter’s hair for the first time. Writer and co-director Matthew Cherry was inspired by viral videos showcasing dads doing their daughters hair and wanting to normalize this. The short film is great and won Best Animated Short at the 92nd Academy Awards in 2019.

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Stills from Stories – Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Storytelling is a tool that can explore the realms outside of human reality. It can explore the vast outer space, be filled with magic and elves, and drill down to Earth’s core. Continue reading “Stills from Stories – Edge of Tomorrow (2014)”

Stills from Stories – Shrek (2001)

Today’s still explores the Establishing Shot. This is the moment in the film that shows the office building, the city the character are landing into, the time of the day for the conversation; it sets the location, the time of day, and the mood of the environment for the upcoming scene.

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