Stills from Stories – Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Storytelling is a tool that can explore the realms outside of human reality. It can explore the vast outer space, be filled with magic and elves, and drill down to Earth’s core. Continue reading “Stills from Stories – Edge of Tomorrow (2014)”

Houston, We Have No Problems – Apollo 13 Review

In the recent past the space genre was represented by films like Event Horizon, Sunshine, and the new Star Trek films. These movies provide solid entertainment value, but not much beyond that. Between 2000 and 2010 only two movies loosely related with space garnered Best Picture nominations from the Academy Awards, District 9 and Avatar. Both were unique films depicting allegorical themes and having great visual effects. However, the only semblance of space were the origins of the aliens and, in some form, both had spaceships. Not much space was actually shown. Thankfully, the space-film genre appears to be having a mini renaissance. Continue reading “Houston, We Have No Problems – Apollo 13 Review”