Stills from Stories – The Last of Us (2013)

If the term “video games” brings thoughts of childish Mario or mindless phone puzzle apps than video games may appear shallow. However, like most mediums, they’ve evolved to explore rich and broad themes akin to the stories seen on the big screen. Video games encompass a wide range audiences and themes from kid friendly titles like Tetris or Sonic to mature stories like The Last of Us. Continue reading “Stills from Stories – The Last of Us (2013)”

Stills from Stories – 22 Jump Street (2014)

Hollywood is a sequel machine. It often tells the same story over and over again. They keep making movies set in the same universe and reuse elements. It’s all franchise and nothing new. Hollywood keeps churning out movies that expand a storyline of an original movie. It often repeats itself – telling a similar story in a familiar world. Has this paragraph made it’s point?

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Time to Make a Decision – Spider-Man (2002)

Do I choose the red pill or the blue, take door number 1 or 2 or do I save the love of my life or a bunch of children. The Green Goblin has just dropped Mary Jane and a cable car full of little kids from the Queensboro bridge and Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) must make a decision. Continue reading “Time to Make a Decision – Spider-Man (2002)”